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Choosing the Right Subjects for a Marketable Career: A Guide for Students

Updated: Jun 13

Selecting subjects in high school is a critical step in shaping your future career. Understanding the marketable careers available in Kenya and abroad and the subjects required for each can help you make informed decisions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to 30 major careers, their brief descriptions, and the key subjects you need to focus on to pursue them.

Choosing the right subject for marketable career
What subjects should one choose when selecting top marketable careers in Kenya

1. Medicine and Surgery

  • Description: Doctors diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses and injuries.

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Physics.

2. Nursing

  • Description: Nurses provide care for patients, assist in surgeries, and administer medication.

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, English.

3. Law

  • Description: Lawyers represent clients in legal matters, provide advice, and draft legal documents.

  • Subjects: English, History, Geography, Mathematics.

4. Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)

  • Description: Engineers design, develop, and maintain infrastructure, machinery, and technology.

  • Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.

5. Pharmacy

  • Description: Pharmacists prepare and dispense medications, and advise on their proper use.

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics.

6. Information Technology

  • Description: IT professionals manage and support computer systems, networks, and software applications.

  • Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Studies.

7. Computer Science

  • Description: Computer scientists develop software, analyze algorithms, and solve computing problems.

  • Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Studies.

8. Architecture

  • Description: Architects design buildings and other structures, ensuring they are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Art and Design.

9. Actuarial Science

  • Description: Actuaries analyze financial risk using mathematics, statistics, and financial theory.

  • Subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies.

10. Business Administration

  • Description: Business administrators manage operations, finance, marketing, and human resources in organizations.

  • Subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, English.

11. Accounting

  • Description: Accountants prepare and examine financial records, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations.

  • Subjects: Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics.

12. Economics

  • Description: Economists study the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

  • Subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies.

13. Dentistry

  • Description: Dentists diagnose and treat issues related to teeth and oral health.

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics.

14. Veterinary Medicine

  • Description: Veterinarians diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries in animals.

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics.

15. Environmental Science

  • Description: Environmental scientists study the environment and work on solutions to environmental problems.

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Geography.

16. Journalism and Mass Communication

  • Description: Journalists and media professionals report news, create content, and communicate information to the public.

  • Subjects: English, History, Literature.

17. Education (Various Specializations)

  • Description: Teachers educate students in various subjects and help shape their development.

  • Subjects: Depends on specialization, typically includes relevant subject knowledge (e.g., Mathematics, Biology, English).

18. Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • Description: Professionals in this field manage hotels, resorts, and tourism services.

  • Subjects: English, Business Studies, Geography.

19. Public Health

  • Description: Public health professionals work on improving community health through education, policy-making, and research.

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics.

20. Agriculture and Agribusiness

  • Description: Agricultural experts work on farming techniques, food production, and agribusiness management.

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture.

21. Human Resource Management

  • Description: HR managers handle recruitment, training, employee relations, and compliance with labor laws.

  • Subjects: Business Studies, English, Mathematics.

22. Marketing

  • Description: Marketers promote products and services, conduct market research, and develop marketing strategies.

  • Subjects: Business Studies, Economics, English.

23. Supply Chain Management

  • Description: Professionals in this field manage the flow of goods and services from production to delivery.

  • Subjects: Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics.

24. Psychology

  • Description: Psychologists study human behavior and provide counseling and therapy.

  • Subjects: Biology, English, Mathematics.

25. Geology

  • Description: Geologists study the Earth’s structure, materials, and processes to locate resources and understand geological phenomena.

  • Subjects: Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics.

26. Biotechnology

  • Description: Biotechnologists use biological processes to develop products and technologies in fields like agriculture, medicine, and environmental science.

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics.

27. Biomedical Engineering

  • Description: Biomedical engineers develop medical devices and technologies to improve healthcare.

  • Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Biology.

28. Criminology and Security Studies

  • Description: Criminologists study the causes, consequences, and prevention of criminal behavior, while security experts develop strategies to protect people and property.

  • Subjects: English, History, Mathematics, Psychology.

29. Social Work

  • Description: Social workers help individuals, families, and communities cope with challenges and improve their well-being.

  • Subjects: Sociology, Psychology, English.

30. Graphic Design

  • Description: Graphic designers create visual content for print and digital media, using tools like typography, imagery, and layout.

  • Subjects: Art and Design, Computer Studies, English.


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