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Answers to everything you need to know about home-based and Online Classes

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a model of learning where the child receives formal education within the home setting, and without having to attend traditional school/classes. At Elimu plus, our children
receive all schooling services either online or a teacher comes to his/her house.
In homeschooling, it’s expected that a guardian e.g a parent will offer requisite support and guidance to their children in learning.

Does the government of Kenya approve homeschooling?

The Basic Education Act of 2013 does not discourage homeschooling. The law states clearly that it is the role of the parent and the government to ensure all children receive basic education, and there is no law against homeschooling in Kenya. In fact, there is a legal precedent that homeschooling is acceptable as traditional schooling. At Elimu Plus, we ensure your child receives full and approved education that is taught by qualified, experience and government registered teachers
The government requires private students to register for national or international exams, and we ensure all students that are due for national/international exams are duly registered. We will provide certified examination centers and all along the education journey, we ensure parents and students are kept abreast with the policies in the education sector and always act as the link between the students/parents and the government.

What is the history of homeschooling in Kenya?

Homeschooling in Kenya is not a new concept. According to Reginald Odour, it became a popular alternative to structured schools in the 1990s. Most of the students that were homeschooled in the 1990s later joined universities, and they are now serving humanity in different capacities.

What is my role as a homeschooling parent?

The parent/guardain is expected to play the following roles under Elimu Plus homeschooling:

  • Ensure the students have sufficient learning materials.

  • Ensure that children are free from distractions during online classes and encourage the student to concentrate during classes

  • Supervise homework, assignments, and exams and upload them for marking for

  • Actively participate in WhatsApp groups with the teacher and other parents

  • Pay the homeschooling fees

Will my child get unlimited focus and attention?

Students at Elimu plus have a one-on-one interaction with the teacher, therefore, the child is able to get unlimited attention in the subjects they struggle in
While the Kenyan government has made strides in lowering the student-teacher ratio, the number of teachers is still below the global standards. Fortunately, our home-schooling creates a perfect scenario where the student-teacher ratio is low and therefore, efficient learning.

What if I have a child with special needs?

Homeschooling is more than just learning; Mental health and social developments are essential aspects of your child’s growth. Due to a higher student-teacher ratio, in traditional schools, it may be impossible for the teacher to identify students that may need special attention. Fortunately, with Elimu Plus homeschooling, these two aspects (mental and social development) are central to our structure.

How will my child's skills and talent be natured?

Homeschooling is ideal for discovering and nurturing the child’s hidden talents as soon as they are noted. The traditional education system is exam-centered. Students usually spend hours preparing for exams as opposed to exploring talents. At Elimu Plus we ensure our students develop skills and talent through clubs and extra-curriculum activities such as Chess, Music, Art & Craft, Computer (IT), Accounts and Finance classes, skating and guidance, and counseling, learning a new language of choice, like Swahili, French, English, Chinese, local Kenyan dialect, German, etc

Is learning student centered?

Learning is student-centered - At Elimu Plus, learning is tailored towards the personality and learning capacity of the learner. This means that your child may be taught faster or slower depending on their pace of learning. In addition, it becomes an exciting adventure for the kids and not a boring ritual since their needs are addressed according to their capabilities

Are you cost friendly

Our model is by far affordable when compared to traditional schooling costs. You will save big on school fees, transport costs, accessories like uniforms, shoes, caution money, etc. Covid 19 has ravaged and disorganized many families financially, most parents have lost jobs and businesses, thus the need to rethink family expenditure We have parents who have reported 50 – 80% savings in fees.

Elimu Plus makes it easy for parents, they can pay the school fees monthly, quarterly or annually.

Homeschooling gives you a chance to give your children the same quality of education, with an affordable budget, and without exposing them to the risk of Covid19

How will my child learn good behaviours

A child’s behaviors are majorly modeled by the parent which significantly increases the chances of children becoming well-behaved, industrious, and well-balanced members of society. At Elimu Plus, behavioral and moral lessons are discussed in classes, but parents/guardians will primarily be the ones to engage their children, and inculcate in them the social philosophies, religious convictions they desire their children to embrace. This is especially advantageous because it mitigates scenarios where children pick up negative behaviors and moral aspects because of peer pressure, coercion and bullying.

What are the benefits of homeschooling?

While home-schooling is still a new approach to educating children, pundits have pointed out that it will redefine teaching in Africa, and specifically in Kenya. Some of the advantages of homeschooling in Kenya include:

  1. Safety –In the light of the Covid19 pandemic, the majority of children have not received adequate education. Covid 19 regrettably remains a big threat to children and teachers and there is no clear solution as of now. Students in Elimu Plus  receive a full syllabus as per the ministry of education guidelines from the safety of their homes

  2. Holistic family benefits – In countries where homeschooling is largely practiced like the USA, UK, South Africa, it has been reported that stronger family ties emerge. This is so because parents can easily share with their kids, the daily joys of a parent and child, get to build a super intimate relationship with their children because they have more time together, more so, it is easy for parents to transfer their beliefs system and values without fear of contamination.

  3. Convenient – Children do not need to wake up at 5 am to catch the bus, or spend hours stuck in traffic. This may result in students being always tired and not learn well. In homeschooling, there is none of this. The classes at Elimu Plus start well and students have enough breaks in between classes.

  4. Relaxed learning – Homeschooling allows your child to learn on their schedule. Timetables are drawn in such a way that allows the children to have relaxed class schedules and still cover the syllabus in time.

  5. Protection from negative influence - No need to worry about your child being bullied, coerced, or mistreated. Elimu Pus homeschooling and online education protect the kids from negative influence and peer pressure.

  6. Public limelight - Homeschooling is perfect for you if you are a public figure and you don’t want to expose your children to the public limelight.

Do you register national and International Examination?

Elimu Plus Homeschooling and Online Education is not a testing Centre but once the candidates have been fully prepared for the test/Exams, we register them to various Testing and Examination Centres in Kenya depending on the system of education and the proximity of the learner to Testing and Examination Centre. We prepare our pupils and students to undertake KCPE, KCSE, CAMBRIDGE IGCSE, EDEXCEL, IB, SATs, TOEFL and GMAT.

How can I monitor my child's performance?

Elimu Plus parents are sent class reminders to ensure the learner does not miss the classes.

At the end of every topic, the teacher gives homework to the students, the parents aught supervise their children when doing the homework to ensure it is done independently and it’s submitted on time. Homework and assignments are submitted online for online classes and for homebased learners, homework and assignments are handed over to the teacher.

We ensure the parent gets report forms to monitor the student performance.

A student can also Track his/her learning progress through daily personalized assignments by using our powerful reporting tool on the Esoma platform

Do you offer extra tutorship or afterschool program?

Elimu plus offers private personalized tuition (after-school remedial classes) for subjects and grades/classes of choice.

Do you provide learning materials?

We assist the parents to acquire learning materials on request. Learning materials include books, pens, pencils, etc., CBC curriculum and international curriculum incorporates a little more learning materials than the 8-4-4. Such would include drawing materials, rulers, ink. All of our 844/CBC online classes are inclusive of notes and revision notes from ESOMA ONLINE PLATFORM

How do you conduct online/virtual classes?

online via zoom- Our classes are small groups of not more than 15 students per class for the 8-4-4 and CBC system and a maximum of 10 students per class for the IGCSE & American Curriculum: hence the benefits of personalized learning, group dynamics, and peer-interaction are well addressed. Students at Elimu Plus are taught to cover the whole syllabus by the time they sit for national or international exams.

Parents are sent class reminders by our ICT system to ensure your children won’t miss the classes and attendance is monitored.

Our online classes come in two packages

  •  Individual student (One student in a class or;

  • Group online classes.

One gets to choose their preferred package. Online group class are a bit cheaper than individual classes.

How are physical classes conducted?

This is where a teacher goes to a student’s home. Home-based classes at Elimu Plus are conducted in two ways.

  • One on one Classes with the teacher. This is mainly done with one student or more than one for a case where we have siblings. Here we give a sibling discount of 15%. Please note that each child is given individualized attention.

  • Group physical classes. This is for pupils and students who live around the same estate and already have an established learning environment/ Classroom

Is it  easy to transition from homeschooling to normal traditional schooling and/or university

After the students complete their program/studies of a particular class or level at Elimu Plus, students can apply and be admitted to any school of their choice based on their results. The law states that such applications will be considered without biases or favoritism. There are countless students who have undergone homeschooling and they have gone ahead to join public and private and universities both locally and abroad.

Can school fees be paid in installments?

Yes. Elimu Plus makes it easy for parents: you can pay the school fees monthly, quarterly, or annually. Charges will depend on the System of Education and the Grade the child is in. Once interest is expressed, the grade, and the system of education is established, a quotation on the charges will be sent.

How do I apply for a teaching position in your institution?

Go to the Teachers and Trainers Tab on this website and apply from there. 

Alternatively, you can send a copy of your CV, Cover Letter, and Certificates to

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