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Elimu Plus Homeschool & Online Learning

Kenyan & British Curriculum


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Online/Virtual Classes

Home-based Learning

Science Practicals

Extra-curricular Activities


 Classes are small groups of not more than 10 students per class hence the benefits of personalized learning, group dynamics, and peer-interaction. Students are taught to cover the whole syllabus by the time they sit for national and international exams. (KCPE, KCSE, IGCSE & A-LEVELS)

Parents are sent class reminders by our admin to ensure their children won’t miss the classes.

We also have private personalized online tuition classes. Here the student gets to choose the subject to be tutored according to his/her available time.

We offer pdf books and online revision notes for both British and Kenyan systems at pocket-friendly prices. All our 844 and CBC classes are inclusive of notes and revision questions from Esoma online platform

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 This is a homeschool service where a teacher goes to a student's home

Our home-based programs are:-

  • Full-time homeschooling- The student does not go to school and is homeschooled full-time. Here we not only provide teachers but also assessments, exams, and gradings

  • Private personalized tuition-The student goes to school and does tuition in the evening after school, on weekends, or on holidays.

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Its time to have fun and enjoy our talents and hobbies :-)

Playtime is very vital to a child’s development. Elimu Plus has arranged schedules that allow our students to participate in extra-curricular activities at least once every week.

Such include Chess and students' Field Trips

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We have a well-equipped science laboratory in Utawala Nairobi, where students come to do Physics, Biology, and Chemistry practicals.
The lab is not only open to students in Elimu Plus but also to other students wishing to learn and conduct science practicals.
To book Lab sessions, press the Book Now button below or contact us button for more information

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Join 250+ Parents in the Elimu Plus Homeschool and Online Education  Platform

Transitioning to learning from home or personalized but with peers? Welcome to our strong community!

 Take a look at our latest statistics, and if you need more information, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests.

What we offer

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Quality Education

At Elimu Plus, we guarantee fully-fledged, robust teaching and tutoring services.
Classes are in small groups and therefore student-centered.
The teacher is able to understand where the child has difficulty and put more emphasis on those areas.


Trained teachers

Our teachers are fully qualified, widely experienced, and are registered by TSC and international bodies for international education. Elimu Plus also ensures to engage teachers with good command of English and Kiswahili languages to give leverage to the students when it comes to grammar and languages
Our teachers prepare students to sit for KCPE, KCSE, IGCSE & A-Levels

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Our curriculum

Elimu Plus offers both British (IGCSE and A-Levels) and Kenyan Curricular (CBC & 844) 

For British Curricular we teach both Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel.

We also have students from Early years (Kindergarten 1 and 2), Elementary level/Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE and A-Level students

In the CBC curriculum we have PP1 and PP2, Grades 1-6 for primary level, and Junior Secondary which covers Grades 7-9.

In 844 we have KCPE candidates and Form 1-4 students whom we prepare for KCSE.

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Admission and Registration

Our admission procedure requires interviews with both the students and parent(s). Formal and informal assessments of the student are conducted.

The admission will be determined by age, academic performance, academic background, last reports from the last school attended.

We assess pupils and students to be able to tailor their program to ensure a smooth transition from one curriculum to the other. 

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Extra Tutorship

Elimu Plus offers private personalised tuition or what we commonly refer as after-school remedial classes for subjects and grades/classes of choice.
Classes can either be conducted online via zoom or home-based (Teacher comes to your home)
For more information Click on the button below and book for your classes


National and International Exams Registration

We prepare our students to undertake IGCSEs, A-LEVELS,KCPE, KCSE and CBC assesments. Our institution is not a testing Centre but once the candidates have been fully prepared for the test/Exams, we register them to various Testing and Examination Centres in Kenya. The centre is selected is dependent on the system of education and the proximity of the learner to the Examination Centre.

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Progress Tracking (Homework Assignments and assessments)

We monitor class attendance. Parents are sent class reminders to ensure the learner does not miss the classes.
At the end of every topic, the teacher gives homework to the students. Homework and assignments are submitted online for online classes and for home-based learning, homework and assignments are handed over to the teacher.
Elimu Plus conducts frequent teacher/parent meetings to keep the parents informed with our programs and information

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Evaluation and report cards

Every term we issue our students with Midterm and End Term Assessments.
We ensure the parent gets report forms to monitor the student performance.
Elimu Plus has collaborated with Esoma to ensure that a student can also Track his/her learning progress through daily personalized assignments by using a powerful reporting tool found on the Esoma platform

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Learning Materials

We provide pdf books for online classes at an affordable price. We also guide our students on getting the best online learning sites for revision notes and questions. A list of required stationaries is provided at the begging of an academic year. All of our CBC and 844 online classes are inclusive of notes and revision questions from ESOMA Online Platform

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Special needs students

Elimu Plus offers qualified special needs teachers. We give care and attention to special needs students so that they can discover and achieve their potential. Homeschool is a go-to option for special needs students because of the individualized attention they get. Our special needs students include but are not limited to ADHD, autism, dyslexia, physical disability, speech-language & communication needs, and social, emotional, and mental health needs among others.

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Adult and Re-Take Students

Our virtual classrooms provide the opportunity to resume learning despite your location or schedule. At Elimu Plus, the Adult learners get to choose their preferred learning time since we understand that they are involved in several other things.
Any adult at any age is suited to undertake KCPE, KCSE, IGCSEs and A-Levels  among others.

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Transition to public and private school or university

After the children complete their program/studies of a particular class or level, students can apply and be admitted to any school of their choice based on their results. The law states that such applications will be considered without biases or favoritism. Elimu plus has had countless students who have undergone homeschooling and have gone ahead to join public and private universities both locally and abroad.

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School Fees

Elimu plus make it easy for parents: you can pay the school fees monthly, quarterly, or annually. The fee depends on the System of Education and the class the child is in.


Hear It From the Source

Our Testimonial (Bernard) - Elimu Plus  Kenya_edited.jpg

I have never been to any other school as good as Elimu Plus. My teachers have helped me improve and develop an understanding of all the subjects.
My favorite subject is mathematics, I am grateful for my maths teacher.
I know that I will continue to improve on the subjects and all the activities that I do.

Bernard Otieno, Class 7, 14 years

Our Testimonial Chess in schools Kenya - Elimu Plus.jpeg

Just on our very first attempt, we attended the Kenya National Chess tournament. We were always motivated to achieve more than we could imagine. There was a constant effort in getting the best from us. Elimu Plus cares a lot about how we the students are performing and whether we understand, rather than just giving out information and letting us absorb it however we want.

Hala and Halia, Chess players

Our Testimonial (Aahil) - Elimu Plus  Kenya.jpeg

I love this school. The teachers take care of each and every child very nicely. I gain a lot of knowledge in this school. It's really fun and interesting to study at Elimu Plus.

Aahil Rahumathulla, Year 3, 8 yrs

Our Testimonial (Lamha) - Elimu Plus  Kenya.jpeg

I'm having an absolutely amazing journey learning at this school. The teachers are a great encouragement and they teach valuable lessons. I feel so comfortable studying at Elimu Plus school. I also love the teachers and how they motivate us.
Hoping to continue my journey at Elimu plus!

Lamha Rahumathulla, Year 9, 13 yrs

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