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Elimu Plus is a Homeschooling and tutoring organization that offers personalized private tuition, online classes, holiday tuition and home-based tuition. We have experienced teachers who are highly trained teachers.
Fully Compliant to The Curriculum
8-4-4, 2-6-3-2 (CBC), IGCSE & IB. Tuition is for primary, secondary, and A-levels. We offer Extracurriculars eg chess, music, skating, arts, Swahili, English etc

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 Classes and lessons at Elimu Plus are small groups of not more than 15 students per class for the 8-4-4 and CBC system and a maximum of 10 students per class for the International Curriculum:(IGCSE, IB, and AMERICAN CURRICULUM hence the benefits of personalized learning, group dynamics and peer-interaction are well addressed. Students are taught to cover the whole syllabus by the time they sit for national and international exams. (KCPE, KCSE, IGCSE, IB, AMERICAN & BRITISH SYSTEM)

Parents are sent class reminders by our ICT system to ensure their children won’t miss the classes and attendance is monitored.

Our online lessons come in two packages

  •  Individual student (One student in a class) or;

  • Group online classes.

One gets to choose their preferred package. Online group classes are more pocket-friendly than individual  classes. All our 844 and CBC classes are inclusive of Online Materials (Notes and revision questions) from Esoma online platform

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 This is a homeschool service where a teacher goes to a student's home

At Elimu Plus, we conduct our physical classes (home-based learning) in two ways.

  • Private personalized tuition. This is one on one class with the teacher. This is mainly done with one student or more than one for a case where we have siblings. Here we give a sibling discount of 10%. Please note that each child is given individualized attention.

  • Group Home-based tuition. This is for pupils and students who live around the same estate and already have an established learning environment/ Classroom. These classes can be conducted either during the holiday or on a normal school term

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Its time to have fun and enjoy our talents and hobbies :-)

Playtime is very vital to a child’s development. Elimu Plus has arranged schedules that allow our students to participate in extra-curricular activities at least once every week.

Such include Chess, Music, Art & Craft, Computer (IT), Accounts and Finance classes, skating and guidance, and counselling, learning a new language of choice, like Swahili, French, English, Chinese, local Kenyan dialect, German etc

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Join 200+ Parents in the Elimu Plus Homeschool and Online Education  Platform

Transitioning to learning from home or personalized but with peers? Welcome to our strong community!

 Take a look at our latest statistics, and if you need more information, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests.


Hear It From the Source

Our Testimonial (Bernard) - Elimu Plus  Kenya_edited.jpg

I have never been to any other school as good as Elimu Plus. My teachers have helped me improve and develop an understanding of all the subjects.
My favorite subject is mathematics, I am grateful for my maths teacher.
I know that I will continue to improve on the subjects and all the activities that I do.

Bernard Otieno, Class 7, 14 years

Our Testimonial Chess in schools Kenya - Elimu Plus.jpeg

Just on our very first attempt, we attended the Kenya National Chess tournament. We were always motivated to achieve more than we could imagine. There was a constant effort in getting the best from us. Elimu Plus cares a lot about how we the students are performing and whether we understand, rather than just giving out information and letting us absorb it however we want.

Hala and Halia, Chess players

Our Testimonial (Aahil) - Elimu Plus  Kenya.jpeg

I love this school. The teachers take care of each and every child very nicely. I gain a lot of knowledge in this school. It's really fun and interesting to study at Elimu Plus.

Aahil Rahumathulla, Year 3, 8 yrs

Our Testimonial (Lamha) - Elimu Plus  Kenya.jpeg

I'm having an absolutely amazing journey learning at this school. The teachers are a great encouragement and they teach valuable lessons. I feel so comfortable studying at Elimu Plus school. I also love the teachers and how they motivate us.
Hoping to continue my journey at Elimu plus!

Lamha Rahumathulla, Year 9, 13 yrs

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